Why is Supplementation Important?

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Supplementation is the most important aspect of fitness. But, you’re contradicting yourself, in this article (link), you said that diet, workouts, and supplementation were of equal importance to being fit. Right, they are equally important when thinking about fitness as a whole, but proper supplementation is more important because most people A) don’t do it or B) don’t supplement correctly.

Let me ask you, would you buy a ferrari and not use premium gasoline or buy it without a turbo? Not likely, you go big or go home. You’ve already spent a fortune, you might as well spend a little extra to maximize it. Would you buy spaghetti and meatballs and leave out the sauce (farfetched analogy)?

Well, its the same thing with your body, you’ve already put the time in the gym and the extra time preparing healthy food, you’ve already spent the money on a gym pass and extra grocery money for healthy food, you bought a huge tub of protein to use post workout, but you don’t have any supplements to maximize the effects? Why? You’re wasting money

How does that even make sense? If you’re going to to spend all that money and time trying to be healthy, then take supplements to maximize the effects. Yes, you can get fit without using supplementation, but its going to take a lot more effort and will only happen over a much longer period of time.

What supplements should I take?

So, now that you’re hopefully convinced that supplementation is important… you need to figure out what supplements you should take. Unfortunately, there is not really a one size fits all. Your supplementation plan is similar to your workout plan, it varies based on age, sex, and activity level. If you’re 60 years old walking for fitness, you probably dont need to be taking creatine, and I wouldn’t recommend it.

Here are some general guidelines and an example activity level, basically as you move down the list you incorporate all of the previous supplements (i.e. maximum activity should be taking all of these):

Minimal activity (walking for fitness):
Protein supplement (at least once per day)

Low activity (jogging 2-3x week)
Fish oil
Meal replacement shakes/bars always an option

Medium activity (jogging 2-3x week, lifting 1-2x week)
Garlic Extract (high allicin potential)

High activity (6 days a week, lifting / cardio)
Branched Chain Amino Acids (BCAAS)
Pre-workout supplement (caffeine)

Maximum activity (working out 6 days a week 2x a day):
Natural testosterone boosters (not androgens and steroids) – examples tribulus terrestis (reports lately have been showing it doesn’t help testosterone production), zinc monomethionine asparate, magnesium asparate, the one and only vitamin B6
Doctor’s prescription for HGH (just kidding, I don’t recommend anyone take HGH)

Find more about which supplements we recommend in the supplementation review section of fittingreviews.com

Again, what price tag do you put on your overall health, body image, and fitness? Would you rather spend $100 a month to run around with 6 pack abs or would you rather save that $100 to buy your daily six pack of busch light? Invest in your body. The choice is yours.

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