Unviersal Nutrition Animal Pak

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Unviersal Nutrition Animal Pak Product Description

Animal Pak is a sports nutrition supplement pack that will replace your multivitamin; think multivitamin on steroids.  Just dont take the steroid part literally.


  • Reputable company since 1983
  • High quality multi-pill, multivitamin
  • Beat plateaus
  • Fatty Acids, BCAAs, digestive enzymes, amino acids
  • Doubles as mini pre-workout supplement


  • Little pricey, more for serious trainers
  • Take a handful of pills everytime you take your vitamin

The Animal Pak comes from a reputable company, Universal Nutrition.  Their methodology, is that you need high dosages of key vitamins and minerals to help supplement your muscles when training for competitions or intense training in general.  This multivitamin is for bodybuilders or athletes that are serious about training.

The Animal Pak comes in little baggies that contain 11 pills each containing all the vitamins, minerals, fatty acids, BCAAs, digestve enzymes, and amino acids that you need to be successful with athletic training.  This is not a one pak does all substance. Animal Pak will replace your multivitamin, and that is it; don’t expect more.  However, it does a great job at what it is designed to do.

Containing all the essentials that your body needs, you should have no problem overcoming plateus and building muscle and strength.  Universal’s Animal Pak even contains some pre-workout substances that will help increase awareness and have more energy in the weight room; ginseng extract, vitamin b6 and B12.

Who Should Purchase the Universal Nutrition Animal Pak?  

Essentially, I recommend the Animal pak to everyone because I believe anyone can be an animal in the weight room and see amazing gains, some just take more work than others.

Unfortunately, I know that is not reality.  Most people do not have the neither the work ethic nor the workout intensity to benefit from a high-end sports supplement.  So, I will recommend the Universal Nutrition Animal Pak only to the people who will benefit the most from it; serious athletes and trainers.

Because it is such a high quality vitamin and the amount of ingredients that go into each pak, it is a bit pricey.  On Amazon, the 44 Animal paks cases go anywhere from 20-40$ per case; at 1 Animal Pak per day or 2 for competition / intense training.  Basically, $20-$40 every 44 days or every 22 days depending on how you use it.

If you want to beat plateaus, want to see strength gains and muscle size, and don’t mind taking a handful of pills every time you take your vitamin, then definitely try out the Ultimate Nutrition Animal Pak.

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Unviersal Nutrition Animal Pak, 10.0 out of 10 based on 1 rating

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  1. That hits the target dead center! Great anwesr!

  2. If you want to be healthy, go ahead and do? the thngis you already know: work outs. If you jsut want to lose the tummy fat, eat less carbs, not nothing at all, but just less. Instead, drink lots of water and tea. Coffee also helps to burn fat. Do 200+ sit ups a few times a day and you’ll lose your fat so quick! But remember: don’t overdo it! Stay healty, eat lots of veg and fruits! Mainly because vegetables also help you burn the fat!

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