Trikke T8 Sport 3-Wheeled Carving Scooter Review

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Trikke T8 Sport 3-Wheeled Carving Scooter Product Description

The Trikke 3-Wheeled Carving Scooter is a hybrid scooter, snowboard, and skiis in one.  The carving scooter moves by the force generated from your body moving side to side, similar to the way that a skii’er gains speed by carving in the snow left and right.


  • Something new
  • Core and major muscle group engaging
  • Fun
  • Sturdy and durable material
  • Variety of sizes, models, and colors
  • Folds up for easy storage


  • A little pricey direct from supplier (much cheaper through Amazon)
  • Weight limits ~ 250 lbs

As the product name says, it has 3 wheels which vary in size based on the model you purchase.  The standard adult wheel size is 8.5″ but that can be downgraded for kids or upgraded to the roadster for a ridiculously fast 12″.  The Trikke 3-Wheeled Carving Scooter comes in these models in order of size (smallest to largest):

  1. T5
  2. T5 Jogo
  3. T67cs
  4. T7k
  5. T7f
  6. T78cs
  7. T78deluxe
  8. T8sport
  9. T12roadster

Please note that each of the models have recommended height and weight limits.  So, just because one is cheaper, does not necessarily mean it will fit you.  At they have more information on fitting the right carving scooter to you.  Basically, the further down the list you go, the bigger the wheels, more durable the material, and faster it goes.  Also a few other perks, like the deluxe has a water bottle attachment, meh.

The T78cs seems like your base model for average person.  The T8sport is more for your athletes looking to get a better workout, cover more distance, and someone that will be using their Trikke carving vehicles quite a bit.  And then the T12roadster is for the dare devils and the experienced carvers looking to have some fun and go extra fast.

The Trikke carving vehicle is a great addition to an already established workout routine.  Its different from biking, its different from running, it beats doing sit ups and squats in your home, and it will be fun for a majority of people.  The carving scooter are great for your core muscles and major muscle groups as your carving back and forth changing your body level consistently; you’ll be working out and not even realize it!

Who should purchase the Trikke T8 Sport 3-Wheeled Carving Scooter?

I would recommend the Trikke carving scooters to anyone that is looking to spice up their workout routine.  If you’re looking for another alternative to jogging, biking, or the treadmill then try the Trikke scooter. Its only a few hundred bucks for something that you should have for several years, barring any accidents. 

One of the best parts about the Trikke scooters is that they fold up for easy storage either at your home or at your destination.  If you’re really questioning whether or not it is for you then purchase it direct from Trikke, try it for 30 days and if you don’t like it return it for a refund; i don’t think you’ll be disappointed.

Combine the Trikke Carving Scooter with some Kangoo Jumps and your workout routine could be  the Trikke carving scooter 2x a week, kangoo jumps 2x a week, and some sort of lifting 2x a week.  Sounds more like fun than a willpower ridden workout routine!

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Trikke T8 Sport 3-Wheeled Carving Scooter Review, 10.0 out of 10 based on 1 rating

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  1. I have one! It’s like the green one but without the gold and its more uqorstiue. I love it and I use it all the time. I’m 14 so I don’t have my licence yet, so when I go to my friends house (she lives close to me) I just ride my scooter there. Whenever I ride it and people are walking around my neighbourhood they will point at me and smile or something and I will just smile and zip away hahaha!

    • , my daughter and I are Trikking ttogeher and having a ball. Even my other daughter (a rather klutzy card-carrying member of the Exercise Haters Club) eyes it with interest and has deigned to try it three or four times. Progress indeed! I have high hopes of enticing her and my husband into a family Trikke Revolution!They say the air wheels are harder to learn on than the polyurethane wheels offered on other models, but the air wheels are much safer as they don’t slip out from under you as easily in puddles, wet leaves, etc. You can order the polyurethane wheels separately and install them to learn on, but they say the ride is also a lot less smooth than the air tires. It folds and folds up easily. If you put on a water bottle, be aware that standard water bottle screws will go in too far and make contact with the shaft of the handlebars. Use washers to shim the heads of the screws, and you’re good to go. You’ll have to have a tire pump with a gauge. I recommend an electric pump. These tires are high-pressure. 80 lbs! Other good accessories to buy are a helmet, a bike bell or horn, a basket or bike pannier that will fit on the handlebars, and a rear-view mirror. You don’t want to be looking around on this thing; that can make you wreck! I’ve not wrecked yet, but I’ve seen the injuries of people who have. Not pretty! I don’t wear knee pads or elbow pads or wrist guards because I find them intolerably uncomfortable, but if you find some you can stand, I do recommend them. This particular model is a bargain. The T-8 is a little taller and an inch or so wider and longer. Also a couple hundred dollars more! I don’t see the difference. It’s easy to assemble out of the box though the brakes will need adjustment periodically, and the bolts will need checking and tightening as needed. So, if you don’t know how to adjust bicycle brakes and/or can’t tighten a bolt, you might need some slight help. When I bought from Amazon, it was on sale for 30% off. I grabbed it, even though I know that buying from an authorized dealer would have brought me some in-store riding and maintenance instruction and good advice. There are Trikke user bulletin boards out there that I found useful and which mitigated the need for the personal service I missed out on by buying from Amazon. The bulletin boards can also hook you up with other Trikkers in your area for group outings and such. All in all, I am in love, love, love with my Trikke, and I’d buy this T78A air model again in a heartbeat.

    • Rating I was so excited to buy this for my hunbsads birthday. When he opened it he was like a kid again with his new toy. The trikke was broken. It looks like it was broken during shipment. The push button on the handle bar shaft had broken off and was inside of it.We emailed Amazon and they overnighted him a new one the next day. We were very pleased by how fast they took care of the problem.Again when my husband came home he was pleased to see another trikke. He opened the box and the same problem. Now he’s just not happy with the product. He could have rode it without the button being fixed, but it was the simple fact that I paid approx. $300 for the product. It shouldn’t be broken. I could see his point.I emailed Trikke to see if this problem happens often and the answer was YES! Maybe they should package it differently if it’s happening during shipment. Trikke offered to send us the part and walk us thru the procedure on how to fix it, but we declined and sent both back.I don’t know what to get him now for his birthday. Very disappointed that this was broken twice. I’m sure it would be wonderful to have and a lot of fun.

  2. Rating I saw the infomercials on tesivelion and really wanted one. Well, I bought this one from Amazon and absolutely love it. It was hard to catch on riding at first. It took me three days of trying over and over again on our driveway. Rocking back and forth and trying to get as good as the riders in the commercial. We have a long driveway with a slight incline so that was harder to learn on. Also, I had the rubber wheels instead of the polyurethene ones. That also seemed harder. Just watch the cd that comes with the trikke about 10 times and finally you’ll catch on. I still can’t get up hills but am doing much better on slight inclines. It must be a breeze to ride if you have flat land like in California by the beaches where they filmed the commercial. It is fun and really great exercise. I never get bored with it like other things I have boughten. Also, make sure your wheels are pumped tight like 80#. It seems that when you first start riding the trikke it is kind of stiff, but after riding a week, everything seems to loosen up and it gives better. Make sure your brakes aren’t rubbing up against the wheels also. That was part of my problem at first. Google Trikke talk and you will find the trikke website that has all kinds of expert trikkers on to help answer any problems you may be having. I’m 44 years old and enjoying this new toy!

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