The Power Routine

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  • What do you want out of life
  • Develop goals
  • Find ways to measure your goals
  • Make an action plan to accomplish each goal.  Some goals may have several phases.
  • Develop a power routine to carry out your action plan

What do you want out of life?

Create a list of what you want out of life and everything you would like to accomplish in your lifetime.  What you want can be things like have a family, have 2 kids, enjoy what I do for a living, etc.  The accomplishments can be family goals, money goals, status goals, or whatever it is that you want to look back on when your 90 and say I accomplished that.  Don’t worry, you can always go back and add to your list, and you should.
After creating your list of accomplishments, I want you to sort them into more general categories; Aspirations, family goals, personal goals, job goals, travel goals etc.
Develop and measure goals
Next, I want you to develop and measure your goals.  So you want to make a lot of money.. Why do you want to make a lot of money?  When will be enough?  $50,000? $100,000? $500,000?  At what point will you be happy and for what reason do you want it?  Is it a status thing?  Just to say I make $500,000?
I recommend breaking general goals like this down.  Example, make a budget, so $1000 house payment, $400 car payment, $400 food, $500 general expenses.  Ill be happy when I make $2300 per month after taxes; just an example.
Another example goal is, I want to be happy.  Okay, how are you going to measure that?  You might break it down like I’ll be happy when I run my own business.  Or when my business turns its’ first profit, etc.
Make an action plan to reach your goals
If you could do most of your goals today, then you probably would have already done them.  Break them down, what is keeping you from doing goal A?
One of my goals is to make over $100,000 / yr at my day job.  Not simply for the money, to me, its a status thing.  That is a number I have always wanted to reach and I respect people that reach it.  But the money will help reach some of my other goals as well, like having my own golf pratice facility, fitness center, and restraunt all in my backyard; I’m only a few million shy of reaching these goals.
So what is my action plan for making over $100,000?  To get my MBA, and possibly a future executive MBA.  Also to complete Six Sigma training and 1 class per week (every Friday at 1:00pm) through my company’s self-education program.
So you have these big time goals that seem so far out of reach.  Well, you don’t become a doctor overnight.  You go to graduate school for 8 years.  Ask yourself this:
What Am I Doing Today To Get Me To Where I Want To Be Tomorrow?
Once you have identified daily tasks you can do to help you reach your lofty goals, then you can add them into your routine; creating your power routine.
Having trouble starting your power routine or just can’t get started?  Read how to start a routine to help you get started.
The Power Routine, 10.0 out of 10 based on 1 rating

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