The Four Hour Body

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Four Hour Body Book Description

Tim Ferriss has brought us another “four hour” book, originally stemming from his four hour work week. In the Four Hour Body, Tim gives us first-hand fitness experiences and self-experimentation to come up with his slo-carb diet.


  • Guinea pig style testing
  • First-hand experiences
  • Interesting side stories
  • Slow carb diet


  • Stuffed in/extra reading material
  • Gets long
  • Is more of a chapter by chapter read
  • Not a start to finish book

Tim Ferriss has brought us another four hour book.  If you have not read The Four Hour Work Week then I highly recommend it.  Needless to say, New York Best selling author Tim Ferriss has OCD about his fitness. This has allowed him to provide all of his readers with a first-hand account of what works and what does not work through self-experimentation.

Tim’s self-experimentation is truly amazing and kind of eerie.  He is not afraid to inject or swallow substances that may or may not help his body although he claims to have done the research beforehand.  Tim’s selling point for his advice is that he has done the experimentation on himself, so we do not have to do it as the reader.  Ferriss provides numerous examples of injections, steroids, vitamins, workout routines, etc.

Through Tim’s experimentation, he has developed what he refers to as the slow carb diet.  The diet consists of eating high protein, legumes for your carbohydrates, and lots of vegetables like spinach.  It isn’t anything new, you’ll find this is most diets in today’s society. Watch your carbs, when you eat carbs, you eat whole-grain and complex carbs. Then you take vitamins and protein.

The first half of The Four Hour Body: An Uncommon Guide to Rapid Fat Loss, Incredible Sex, and Becoming Superhuman is an excellent read.  It contains useful information for your diet, the science behind it, and what has worked and what doesn’t.  It is also a how-to guide and a step-by-step guide to fitness.  The slo-carb diet is simple to follow and may even seem too simple to most readers.  Find out more about fitness and applying some of the slow-carb techniques at

The second half of The Four Hour Body consists of short chapters that seem out of place or stuffed in for extra reading material.  Some of these chapters are useful tips, others are story-telling, and others are niche specific.  Like Tim mentions at the beginning, the book is not meant for front-to-back reading and he does not recommend it. 

Ferriss tells you to pick the chapters that apply to what you want to know.  I happened to read the book front-to-back so that likely explains my 8/10 rating. It is definitely not a book to read from front to back. Tim jumps all over the place with topics etc. There is no organization. However, if you follow his advice to read it for the information you want, you’ll find useful information.

Who Should Purchase The Four Hour Body?

In my opinion, this book is not as good as The Four Hour Work Week, but there is still quality information that you can learn and use from the 4 hour body.  I recommend the information in the first half of the book, which is mostly the diet, experimentation, etc. and the second-half of the book I feel you could skip over. Its mostly stories, research, and added things that really don’t have anything to do with fitness.

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The Four Hour Body, 8.0 out of 10 based on 1 rating

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  1. I am guilty as cgerhad. I have stacks of business books still to read because I haven’t gotten through the ones I bought before them. I want to read them cover to cover, but find that I never finish. The beginnings that don’t have the practical knowledge often don’t keep me interested so I rarely pick the book up, yet I feel compelled to read the whole thing before going on to the next one. Not a winning cycle.So Megan I will take your permission to read differently and flip right to the chapters that interest me most and use what I’ve learned. And who knows maybe one day I’ll go back and read it cover to cover.

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