Rogue Do Win 2012 Weightlifting Shoes

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  • Affordable
  • Stable
  • Size runs standard, maybe order .5 size lower
  • Little wider than other weightlifting shoes
  • Lower heel .75″
  • 30 day guarantee


  • Don’t use for plyometrics
  • Used solely for weight lifting

Rogue Do Win Product Description

The Rogue 2012 weightlifting shoes, called the Rogue Do Win, are shoes designed specifically for olympic weightlifting.  These weightlifting shoes will help with stability during lifting and support that you cannot get from your normal tennis shoes.  They’ll also help you prevent injury while lifting due to improper leg stability.  Not only will they help you become more durable, but they are durable shoes themselves and should last several years assuming you take proper care of them.

For a specialized shoe, the Rogue Do Win shoes are very affordable.  They are approximately $120, which I agree is expensive when you think about the costs of material, but when you look at specialized shoes across any sport, $120 is quite competitive.  Not to mention, you’ll pay upwards of $200 for most quality weightlifting shoes.

As I’ve already mentioned, the Rogue Do Win will help with your stability when doing olympic lifts; lifts like Squat, Deadlifts, Cleans, Clean & Jerk, Snatch, etc.  I particular enjoy the lower heel that they provide as there is nothing worse than having a high heal when trying to do deadlifts.  In fact, it is actually dangerous to have shocks on or some other heeled shoe when doing deadlifts and that is why some powerlifters do their deadlifts barefoot.

One thing to mention, is that the Rogue 2012 weightlifting shoes are specifically designed for weightlifting. They’re not plyometric shoes, they’re not running shoes, they’re not basketball, dodge-ball, or flag football shoes.  Use them for weightlifting and weightlifting only.  Yes, you can do some light jogging in them for warming up, but when doing activities that put bend in the sole, you’ll end up compromising the shoes.  Then, they’ll be ineffective and you’ll be out $120.

Who Should Purchase The Rogue Do Win 2012 Weightlifting Shoes?

These shoes are an affordable and quality weightlifting shoe. You may find comparable value in other weight lifting shoes, but I do not think you will find a better pair for a cheaper price.  The Rogue Do Win shoes do run a little wider than typical shoes and some users say to order them 1/2 size smaller than your typical shoe.  I think this is mostly because they like the added support and tight fit in their weightlifting shoe.

Rogue Fitness offers a 30 day warranty on these shoes, so in case you happened to break the sole or do something you were not supposed to do with them, they will replace them.  They also offer a return policy in case they wont fit, so it is really a win-win scenario here.  I highly recommend these weight lfiting shoes if you are serious about olympic lifts.

Rogue Do Win 2012 Weightlifting Shoes, 10.0 out of 10 based on 1 rating

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