PowerBar Pria Nutritional Bar

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Pria Nutritional Bar by PowerBar Product Description

The Pria Nutritional Bar is sometimes confused as a protein bar.  Yes, it has 4 grams of soy protein in it, but that is not nearly enough to call it a protein bar, if anything, its an energy snack.  To me, the Pria Bar should be used more as a nutritious item to eat when you’re craving chocolate or some other good tasting treat.


  • Low Cal
  • Vitamins
  • Relatively cheap
  • A better snack option than a lot of things
  • No artificial flavoring
  • Taste good


  • Low protein
  • Candy Bar-esque

The Pria Nutritional bar only has about 110 calories in it, depending on the flavor.  So, you should really only be using it as a small snack to feed cravings.  And it is a better snack than plenty of options in your local grocery store.

With the Pria Powerbar you’ll receive a nice batch of vitamins.  This is one of the major reasons I recommend it as a snack bar.  To top it off, they don’t use any artificial flavorings that a lot of the protein and meal replacement bars use.  And really, they taste pretty good.

Who Should Purchase the PowerBar Pria Nutritional Bar?  

I recommend to people looking for a tasty treat, but don’t want to grab the ice cream bucket.  It will help you beat the chocolate craving or candy bar craving if that is what you are looking to do.  Granted, it tastes good, but not as good as a snickers bar, so some willpower is needed…

The Pria nutritional bar by Powerbar is candy bar-esque.  Use it sparingly and it will help you stay on your diet.  If you don’t have a problem keeping your nutrition plan going 7 days a week, then there are better options for you; meal replacement bars and protein bars.

It is difficult for me to give the Pria Powerbar a good rating because the rating is relative.  If I’m comparing it to a snickers bar, then I give the Pria a 10/10.  It is a much better snack to feed that chocolate craving.  If i’m comparing it to a Myoplex Lite Protein Bar or a Pure Protein Bar by Worldwide Sports, then I give it a 7/10.

The best part about Powerbar’s Pria Nutritional Bar, is that it is relatively cheap when compared to other nutritonal bars, protein bars, and meal replacement bars.  It will cost you about $.90 per bar when you order in bulk.

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PowerBar Pria Nutritional Bar, 7.0 out of 10 based on 1 rating

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  1. You did right to take it easy after exertion, a few reecrovy rides would probably have been better than nothing though!!The thing that I have found is, keeping up the grub after the event; Recovery drink (I actually drink a chocolate milkshake made from one of those nutritional supplements from Boots the chemist); Followed by a peanut butter sandwich or two, then within a couple of hours, a decent pasta meal.If I do nothing after I have pushed myself, then I feel the same way, best to keep up some riding mate (albeit spinning at an easy pace).Best of luck..

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