Perfect Push Up Product Review

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Perfect Push Up Product Description:

The Perfect Push Up – Original, created by perfect fitness, is a rotating push up stand designed to give you the perfect form for your push ups; who’da thunk.  So it is obvious what this product is, but lets get into some of the less obvious details.
What is the point of the rotating stand? It helps to engage more muscles in our triceps, core, shoulders, and chest.


  • Perfect Push Up Form
  • Targets more muscle groups
  • Reduce strain on wrists and arms
  • Rubber grips
  • Rubber bottoms for better grip


  • Lacks depth provided by other push up stands
  • Reported rotator cuff injuries

The rotating push up stand comes at a cost. Not many people are used to doing rotating push ups or in some cases have been doing hundreds of non-rotating push ups.  Well… the result is they have rotator cuffs that have been missing out on all of those reps.

Now when they try to do the same workout with the rotating stands they end up getting a strained or torn rotator cuff.  So you’re probably saying, I’ve been doing push ups for years will this happen to me?  Probably not, but it is something to be aware of and should take a few extra precautions.

Another plus to the rotating perfect push up stand is that it reduces strain on the wrists and arms.  If you’ve ever used non-rotating push up stands that allow you to go deeper than normal, then you know what I am talking about.  After a longer set, normal push up stands can be very painful to your wrists, not with the perfect push up.  A benefit that definitely makes these stands worthwhile.

Perfect Fitness clearly was going for a high quality product with these push up stands as they designed them with rubber grips and rubber pads on the bottom for increased grip; you don’t have to worry as much about losing your grip or sliding around.

Who should purchase the Perfect Push Up By Perfect Fitness?

The perfect push up stands are a great addition to a home gym.  I would recommend them to people of moderate fitness levels.  Why moderate?  Well, I don’t think that the obese will have enough core stability to avoid injury with the rotating stand.
Additionally, I fear the fit will shell out their 100 routine push ups, only to wake up the next morning with rotator cuff problems.  Also important to mention, I think the fit would benefit more from stable push up stands so they can do more advanced / isolated forms of push ups without the rotation (i.e. you dont want rotating push up stands for pike push ups).

That being said, the Perfect Push Up stands are a great fit for that 10-30 push ups per set range and will help your form and fitness.

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Perfect Push Up Product Review, 10.0 out of 10 based on 1 rating

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