PEAR Sports Biofeedback Training System

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PEAR Sports Biofeedback Training System Product Description

The PEAR is your pocket personal trainer, workout creater, workout tracking log, goal setter, heart rate monitor, watch, calorie calculator, motivator, and music headphones all-in-one.  Essentially, it is designed to do everything for you to help you become more fit and a better runner; the only thing it can’t do is get you off the couch.


  • Audio Coaching
  • Pre-workout fitness assesment
  • Custom workouts
  • Sweat Proof Earphones
  • Running stats
  • Track progress / record results


  • Website not as interactive/well made as big-name products
  • Purchase of ipod shuffle/mp3 necessary for music

You’ll start out with a fitness assessment to better understand your heart rate zones.  From there, you’ll have a customized workout depending on your goals.  Want to be faster?  Want to run farther?  Want to run for a period of time?  The PEAR biofeedback training system will help you.

What does the coach do?  The audio coach does everything for you.  It tells you when the next interval is starting, it motivates you during the workout.  “Next interval starts in 5 seconds.. go now.”  It tells you what your workout is, so all you gotta do is show up.  You don’t have to think about what is next or how long was that interval or how long is the next interval, when did I start this interval?  Too much thinking, am I done yet?  Just listen to your coach and keep running.

The PEAR audio coach also gives you small tips during your run; relax your arms, engage your abs.  That along with the motivational words can really help you get through those grueling parts of the workout.  How many times when your 6 miles into a 10 mile run, have you struggled to find that motivation?  Its amazing what a few words will do to get you to mile 8, and then all you gotta do is dig deep to mile 10.

While the audio coach is not coaching, you’ll be able to listen to music.  Please note that an ipod shuffle or mp3 player is necessary for the music portion.  That is one downfall to this product, it would not have been that difficult for them to add mp3 capabilities, especially because the PEAR is already storing information for you.

Additionally, with a click of the button, you’ll be able to hear your running stats, time, cadence, pace, distance, calories burned.  There isn’t much better than finishing a run and hearing how many calories you just burned up.

Who should purchase the PEAR Sports Biofeedback Training System?

The PEAR is a useful product for anyone that is considering a running program or is already training for running. The only downfall to this product is that you have to have an additional mp3 player for the music, but most runners already have one.

All of the workout information is free, so don’t expect any unforeseen charges.  Its a one-time fee for the PEAR Training System that will help you train harder and smarter than you have ever trained before.  The heart rate zones will help you stay in the correct zone and the coach will keep you going.  The bottom line with this product, motivation comes from within, but it can be queued from outside sources.  For most people, those few words of encouragement will allow you do to things you have never done before.  For others, the motivational words won’t matter and they’ll quit anyways.  Which type are you?

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PEAR Sports Biofeedback Training System, 9.0 out of 10 based on 1 rating

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