Why is Supplementation Important?

Supplementation is the most important aspect of fitness. But, you’re contradicting yourself, in this article (link), you said that diet, workouts, and supplementation were of equal importance to being fit. Right, they are equally important when thinking about fitness as a whole, but proper supplementation is more important because most people A) don’t do it […]

3 Components to a Fit Lifestyle

What’s your body worth ($) to you? So you have high hopes of seeing your abs, running a marathon, or being a healthy, fit, attractive young person. Well, surprisingly, you can do all of that, except for the young part… you can’t get younger but you can feel younger if that makes you feel any […]

P90x Workout Review

A full unbiased review of the P90x workout program designed by Beachbody’s Tony Horton. P90x is a 12 DVD program designed to get you fit and help you lose weight over 90 days.

Perfect Push Up Product Review

The Perfect Push Up – Original product review. Learn if these rotating push up stands are the right fitness product for you and if they will help you perform perfect push ups.