November 2012 Supplement Stack

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As of November 2012, this is the supplement stack that I recommend for maximum muscle growth and strength gains. I’ve broken down the price into cost per day so you can get an idea of what you will be putting into your body and how much it is costing you on a daily basis. It is really not all that expensive when you consider how much less food you’ll be eating because you are supplementing instead.

The options I chose were based on the reviews throughout this site and the products that I considered to be viable for my lifestyle.

The prices below are based on prices from and the largest bulk price.

Multivitamin Options

Orange Triad Multivitamin (winner) – Used for its’ joint, digestion, and immune system complex – Take 3 tablets, twice per day – 270 tablets for $30. 45 day supply per bottle. $0.66 per day.

Anavite – Multi vitamin with beta alanine throughout the day, pre-workout substance that gives “tingles” – 3 tablets, twice per day – 180 tablets for $30. 1$ per day or 30$ per month

Animal pak – ultimate multivitamin, pre-workout ingredients – (44 packets for $29) – 22 days or 44 day multivitamin depending on your usage, take 30 minutes after meal prior to workout. $.66 per day at 1 per day, $1.32 per day at 2 per day.

As soon as I finish off my current supply of the GNC mega-men sport multivitamin, I’ll be purchasing Orange Triad.

Pre-workout options

Cellucor C4 Extreme (winner) – $40 for 60 workouts at 5x workouts per week. 12 week supply -approx $13.33 per month – $.47 per day

Jack3d – 40 workouts for 35$ at 5x per week, 8 weeks – $17.5 per month)
N0 Xplode – previously using and ready for a change. Did not consider for this stack.

Creatine options

BSN cell-mass – Take 1 scoop twice per day, for my workout schedule, after cardio in morning and after my evening liftnig sessions. (10 calories per serving) – $38.56 per 50 servings, 1 serving twice per day. $38.56 for 25 days or $1.54 per day.

Protein options

BSN Syntha 6 (time release) – 1 large scoop twice a day (200 calories for 1 normal scoop per, 400 total per day) ($47 for 26 days) – Take in the morning after my cardio workout for time release… if using both protein options, $47 for 52 days at $.91 per day.

Optimum Nutrition 100% whey gold standard (isolate, faster digestion)- Use 2 scoops twice a day (480 calories per day), $100 per 149 scoops or 37 days worth of protein. If using both proteins, take after evening lifting session and price is 100$ for 75 days at $1.33 per day.

I’ve decided to go with a combination of the whey protein isolate and the Syntha-6 for time release protein. The time release works well for me as my morning protein shake is a bit earlier than it should be on my eating schedule; for convenience sake.

Mass builder option

Universal Real Gains – I need some more calories in my diet as I can’t seem to get all the calories I need with food, and don’t want to spend the extra time making more meals per day. 1 scoop of Universal Real Gains per day (615 calories) – Can split up the mass builder shake into 2 servings. 57$ for 31 days or $1.84 per day.

Fish oil option

Nordic Naturals – Fish oil supplement for joints and skin and all the other benefits of omega 3’s. Take Nordic Naturals 2x per day at $40 per 180 gels. So 40$ for 90 days, $13.333 per month or $.44 per day for fish oil.

Below is the breakdown of the supplementation costs per day. Please note that for products like the pre-workout thay you will not take every day of the week, with the calculations below you are still paying for them on the off days. So it is not a per serving cost, but a daily cost.

Total supplementation bill per day:
$.66 per day vitamin
$.47 per day for pre-workout
$1.54 per day creatine
$.91 per day syntha 6
$1.333 per day optimum
$1.84 per day Universal Real Gains
$.444 per day fish oil

The total cost per day for performance supplementation is about $7.20 per day. Really, that is not that expensive when you think about it. I don’t have to buy any snack food at the grocery store because I’ll be supplementing the mass gainer as a snack. You can easily cover a majority of this cost per day by not eating out for lunch or dinner and making your own meals. You’ll end up saving $3-4 per meal that you would have spent eating out.

If you want to go even cheaper and you’re looking to save a few bucks per month, you can buy these on Amazon; just watch out for individual product shipping charges. As of today, these were the prices for the products above on Amazon.

Amazon prices with shipping included:
Orange Triad $29.03
Cellucor – $32, $36
BSN Cell-Mass – $40 – cheaper on bodybuilding
BSN Syntha 6 – $45
Optimum nutrition 100% whey gold standard – $98
Universal Real Gains $-56
Nordic Naturals $36

November 2012 Supplement Stack, 10.0 out of 10 based on 1 rating

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