Nautilus PowerPak 445 Adjustable Dumbbells Product Review

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Nautilus PowerPak 445 Adjustable Dumbbells Product Description

The Nautilus adjustable dumbells are your home gym in a 2’x2’ space.  These dumbbells are adjustable from 4lbs to 45lbs per dumbbell in increments of 5lbs.  I’m assuming the part of the dumbbell that picks up weight adds 1 lb, that is why the minimum is 4.  In a home gym, you can get just about anything you need done with 45lbs per dumbbell.


  • Save space
  • Easy to adjust
  • Up to 45lbs for each dumbbell
  • All you need for a home workout
  • Stand included
  • Only turn one end
  • Durable Rubber Grip


  • Dumbbell is longer than normal
  • Expensive (cheaper than some other brands)
  • Weights slightly shift during exercise (annoyance)
  • Stand is bulky

The Nautilus PowerPak is a good competitor to the Bowflex Selectech Adjustable dumbbells.  The rubber grip and the stand included are both benefits to the Nautilus.  Essentially, you get 2 Nautilus dumbbells and a stand for the price of the Bowflex 45lb adjustables.  Another added benefit is that you only have to turn one dial to change the weight on the Nautilus Power Pak dumbbells, where on the Bowflex you have to turn both sides.

There are still a few issues where Bowflex outperforms Nautilus.  One issue a lot of users complain about with the PowerPak 445 adjustable dumbbells is that the weights clank around because they are not stable and they are noisy.  The weights won’t fall off, but nonetheless it can be an annoyance for some.

The other issue is common across adjustable dumbbells.  They leave too much space in between weights and the length of the dumbbell is extraordinarily long creating difficulties when doing certain exercises.  A normal cast-iron dumbbell is much more compact and durable than adjustable dumbbells, but you’re going to pay a premium for a full set of them.

Who Should Purchase the Nautilus PowerPak 445 Adjustable Dumbbells?  

If you’re looking for an adjustable dumbbell for your own gym, then the Nautilus dumbbells are a good pick; if you don’t mind the added noise (ex. if you have them in your office, you may not want noise.  At home should be fine).

Another important peice to mention is that the stand is actually fairly bulky because of the angle on the neck.  So if you have a small workout room and not much storage room, you may be better off with adustable dumbbells minus the stands or something like the power blocks that take up less space.  If you want a stand, then these are a good pick.  If you’re looking to maximize space even further, then buy Bowflex dumbbells without the stand.

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Nautilus PowerPak 445 Adjustable Dumbbells Product Review, 8.0 out of 10 based on 1 rating

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