Myoplex Lite Protein Bar by EAS

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Myoplex Lite Protein Bar by EAS Product Description

The Myoplex Lite Protein Bar from EAS is a quality protein snack bar.  It contains 15g of protein and about 190 calories per bar, depending on the flavor.  The Myoplex Lite should only be used as a snack as opposed to being used as a meal replacement bar.  For a meal replacement bar, EAS offers the Myoplex Delux with contains about 340 calories per bar.


  • Low Cal – strictly protein bar
  • Deluxe version available as meal replacement
  • Low fat content
  • Tastes good
  • Real chocolate
  • Sufficient Vitamins/Nutrients


  • High in Sugars
  • Smaller protein content than a lot of bars

The thing to realize with protein bars, is that it really depends on what your goals are for what you should eat.  Some are high carb, medium-low protein and are more of an energy bar.  Some are high protein, fat, and carb and used as a meal replacement.  Some are high protein, low carb and strictly a protein bar.  And others are gimmick bars that are no better than candy bars.

The Myoplex Lite EAS protein bar has low fat content and it tastes better than most protein bars.  One reason it tastes so good, is that they use real chocolate which has its pluses and minuses.  Because they use real chocolate it is high in sugars and to keep it fairly low in calories they had to cut back on some of the protein content.

Being a snack bar, I don’t mind that it only has 15g of protein.  The experts say you can only digest between 15-20g of protein per sitting anyways, so I don’t mind that they are on the lower end of that range.

Who Should Purchase the Myoplex Lite Protein Bar by EAS?  

I recommend the EAS myoplex protein bar to anyone that is looking for a protein bar snack.  If you’re looking for a meal replacement, then you should look elsewhere, although you don’t have to look to far as the Myoplex deluxe is a good choice.

The Myoplex Lite Protein Bar is not 100% natural although not many protein bars are so that isn’t enough to turn me away from these bars.  In my opinion, people will not have a problem adding these to their meal routine as they taste good.  Some of the other bars, it takes some willpower to keep scarfing them down from day-to-day.

At about $2-$2.20 per bar, the protein bars from EAS are right in line with the market.  I still think a company can mass produce a high quality protein bar for cheaper, but I’m still willing to pay the price as you’ll pay much more than that for a snack with the same benefits of a protein bar.

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Myoplex Lite Protein Bar by EAS, 8.0 out of 10 based on 1 rating

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