Linda LaRue’s Core Transformer 1,000 Calorie Burn Kit

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Core Transformer 1000 Calorie Burn Kit Product Description

Linda LaRue’s Core Transformer 1,000 Calorie Burn Kit is a high intensity calorie burning workout.  Notice the singular use of workout as opposed to workouts.  That’s what it is; one long workout that you can break up depending on your fitness level and then a bonus DVD to go with it.


  • Customization possible (20 minute to 1 hour workouts)
  • High quality band with padded foot straps
  • Functional movements & total body strength
  • No other equipment needed
  • Simplicity


  • Only maximum of 5 different workouts
  • Lacking variety
  • Replay value

The 3D 1000 calorie burn DVD features 3-20 minute workouts that are combined to form 1-60-minute workout.  Depending on your fitness level, you can complete one, two, or all three workouts.  In the workouts, you’ll use the band that is provided in the kit, and the band is actually rather high quality.

As a bonus, in the kit you get the 3D Fat Burn Fusion DVD.  The Core Transformer Fat Burn Fusion DVD consists of a 30 minute workout along with a bonus 15 minute interval.  So basically, depending on your fitness level, there is as little as 2 workouts or as many as 5 in this kit.  This is great for simplicity’s sake, since you’ll have all the equipment with the band and you’ll know what moves to do and what you can handle.  However, as far as variety, fun, and replay value? The Core Transformer Calorie Burning Kit is lacking.

Who should purchase Linda LaRue’s Core Transformer 1000 Calorie Burn Kit?  

If you enjoy working out at home and already have a collection of workout DVDs, then this would be a good addition.  The Core Transformer would be a nice addition to an already established workout routine but not so much as a standalone workout program.  If you’re looking for a one size fits all, full blown workout routine covering all aspects of fitness, then you should look elsewhere.  That being said, the simplicity of the 1000 calorie burn kit will fit many peoples’ lifestyles and the customization of workout lengths is awesome.

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Linda LaRue's Core Transformer 1,000 Calorie Burn Kit, 7.0 out of 10 based on 1 rating

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