Kangoo Jumps Product Review

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Kangoo Jumps Product Description

The Kangoo Jumps are essentially a boot with springs on the bottom of them.  They were initially designed to help people recovering from leg injuries get back into running and on their feet by reducing the amount of impact when landing.  When you land, the spring absorbs the blow and then fires your knee back upward. 


  • Different and exciting
  • Standing still is harder than moving
  • Wide variety of workouts possible
  • Gets you excited to want to move around
  • You’ll meet people-the boots attract people
  • Surprisingly comfortable
  • Surprisingly stable on slippery surfaces


  • You’ll look like an idiot
  • Expensive gimmick to get you off the couch
  • Replacement of T-springs is necessary
  • Careful running fast or making cuts
  • Not ideal for obese

The boots are surprisngly comfortable and stable on slippery surfaces.  The added traction on the bottom of the T-spring allows you to run in rain, snow, sleet, et. Although, it is still not recommended for obvious reasons.

Who should purchase the Kangoo Jumps?  

As previously mentioned, the Kangoo Jumps were designed for people recovering from leg injuries, now they are being marketed to a wider audience as a fun fitness tool.  So, who should buy them?  People that need more excitement when they run or simply want to try something new.  They’re also supposed to target and strengthen your core more than just running.

In my opinion, they are similar to the exergames like Wii Fit Plus.  They are great if you need more enjoyment for your fitness routine or want to mess around with something and get a little fitness while you’re at it.  Are they going to get you fit just by using them?  Well, yes… but so would getting off the couch every day and going for a run or lifting weights and eating healthy; those just aren’t as exciting as jumping around the trails like a monkey.

The bottom line is, if you are looking for a fun gimmick and don’t mind looking like an idiot, then Kangoo Jumps are for you.  They ought to market the Kangoo Moon Boots as a networking tool because you’re sure to catch a few eyes and meet some new people when bouncing around on these in public.  If you’re looking for that added excitement when running then I would suggest you give them a try and order below from Amazon for the cheapest price-just be careful when making quick turns.

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Kangoo Jumps Product Review, 8.0 out of 10 based on 1 rating

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