Jack3d Product Review

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Jack3d Product Description

Jack3d is one of the most popular pre-workout supplements.   It will help you get pumped up before and during your workout and increase your muscle pumps while allowing you to workout harder and longer.  Consequently, assuming you’re eating and supplementing correctly and have a well-balanced workout routine, you’ll see strength gains and size.


  • Increased energy during workout
  • Decent price (less than $1.00 per serving)
  • Creatine and Beta-alanine free
  • Tastes relatively good
  • Effective and better focus
  • Jack3d Micro available without the DMAA and creatine


  • Reported crashes after workout
  • Dyhydoxycinnamic being investigated by FDA

Some consumers complain that the Jack3d taste is not all that great, however, most consumers that are familiar with pre-workout supplements support the Jack3d.  They claim the taste is actually relatively good when compared to other pre-workouts and they actually enjoy taking before their workout.

Jack3d does contain caffeine and you may end up crashing after your workout.  It really just depends on how your body handles the pre-workout supplement.  If you do end up crashing from Jack3d, another pre-workout you can try that users do not really report crashes, is cellucor c4 extreme.

One problem with people’s workout routine is lack of motivation and energy.  I can almost guarantee you, if you take Jack3d before working out, you will not quit your workout because you are sleepy or bored… It makes you want to just kill it in the weight room and that my friend, is a good thing.

Recently, the DMAA in Jack3d was investigated by the FDA for “causing” heat strokes in hot areas around the world.  What happened is military personnel were working out in hot conditions outside and had heat strokes while taking DMAA.  In my opinion, its tough to blame this on DMAA as you could have a heat stroke working out in hot weather, period.  Especially if you’re going all out.

Who Should Purchase Jack3d?  

Jack3d is a quality pre-workout supplement. After the DMAA investigation, UPS Labs created Jack3d micro and took the creatine and DMAA out of the blend.  In my opinion, the Jack3d micro does not give the same effect, but still is a decent choice.

If you have a sensitivity to caffeine, Jack3d is not for you.  If you lack motivation and energy during your workout and want to get the most out of your gym time, Jack3d is for you.

Jack3d micro is decently priced, about $.90 per serving.  You’ll get a 40 serving container that will last anywhere from 20-40 days (assuming you worked out every day).  It just depends on your serving size.  A lot of larger athletes will need 2 servings in order to have the proper effect, however, you should definitely start at 1 serving for pre-workout.  Then work your way up to more if you find out you don’t have increased energy.

I recommend cycling pre-workout supplements.  As they contain caffeine and other substances that your body will adapt to, you’ll end up needing more and more to satisfy those energy needs.  Figure out which cycles in your workout routine you want to use a pre-workout and cycle 1 container on, 1 container off (i.e. 40 workouts on, 40 workouts off).

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Jack3d Product Review, 10.0 out of 10 based on 1 rating

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