Hypervest Pro

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Hypervest Pro Product Description

The Hypervest Pro is a weighted vest that is designed to be worn during workouts.  The breathable wicking fabric is flexible enough that it is not awkward to wear while moving and each weight is small enough and individually pocketed so they do not infringe on flexibility.


  • Can be worn during activity
  • Flexible / durable material
  • 5lb booster packs available
  • Pre-loaded
  • Side zippers and drawstring for proper fit


  • Expensive

Some weighted products you have to fill on your own, well let me tell you that would be an awful experience with the Hypervest Pro as it contains so many small weights.  Luckily, it comes pre-loaded so you dont have to worry about that.  The disadvantage?  You have a pre-determined one size fits all weight.  Hyperwear also took care of this by making 5lb booster packs available.

Here is the sizing chart that they recommend based on weight and height:

Small Hyper Vest PRO

  • Your weight range: 100 to 150 pounds
  • Your height range: 5’ to 6’

Medium Hyper Vest PRO

  • Your weight range: 125 to 200 pounds
  • Your height range: 5’ 5’’ to 6’ and up

Large Hyper Vest PRO

  • Your weight range: 175 to 225 pounds
  • Your height range: 5’ 6’’ to 6’ and up

Extra Large Hyper Vest PRO

  • Your weight range: 200 to 275 pounds
  • Your height range: 5’ 6’’ to 6’ and up

XX-Large Hyper Vest PRO

  • Your weight range: 250 to 450 pounds
  • Your height range: 5’ 6’’ to 6’ and up

Who should purchase the Hypervest Pro? 

The Hypervest Pro could be worn for additional workload during almost any workout; running, lifting, plyometrics, etc. Is a weight vest right for you? Well, that is a decision that you have to make for yourself.  I recommend them to more advanced runners and weight lifters, but most people’s problem is they just can’t get off the couch.  If you’re looking to improve performance and you actively workout, then this is a good purchase.  If you’re looking to get fit but you’d rather watch the latest episode of Real World, then save your money.

The hypervest can also be useful for people that work outside in the heat during the summer when using the phase change packs.  Is it worth the money for the average person?  Probably not, but it has plenty of uses for serious athletes and trainers.

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Hypervest Pro, 10.0 out of 10 based on 1 rating

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