Hypervest Cool

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Hypervest Cool Product Description

The Hypervest Cool is a pre, post, or during activity vest that can be used to cool down your body temperature.  Hyperwear claims that 75% of your body’s energy is lost during workout in trying to cool the body down and 25% is used for firing muscles.  So their theory is, if you can cool down your body unnaturally, you can use that 75% natural energy for firing muscles.  Nike also claimed that with their cooling vest, atheletes performed 21% better.


  • Easily lower body temperature
  • Cold helps reduce recovery time
  • Can be worn during activity (flexible material)
  • Great for all day in the sun jobs
  • 2 different packs available
  • Side zippers and drawstring for proper fit


  • Useful or Gimmick?
  • Expensive

The vest is made out of durable moisture wicking fabric which has pouches where you put the cooling packs.  The Hypervest Cool Gel Packs claim to hold a 32 degree temperature for about an hour and the phase change packs about 58 degrees for 2-4 hours.  Basically, you choose which one you would want to use based on what you are using them for.  Example, if you’re trying to cool down between weight lifting sets, the cool gel packs are your answer.  If you’re wearing the vest all day while doing construction work, then the phase change is a better choice.

The best part about the Hypervest Cool is that it can be worn during activity.  The fabric is flexible enough that it is not too awkward to lug around.  The side zippers and the drawstrings help keep the vest on tight and suck the cool packs onto your core for added chilling effect.

Who should purchase the Hypervest Cool? 

The Hypervest Cool is a good purchase for anyone looking to do pre and post workout cooling.  For me, I wouldn’t recommend using it during activity, but that is just me.  Unless by during activity, you’re talking like at half-time or during a break or something.

The hypervest can also be useful for people that work outside in the heat during the summer when using the phase change packs.  Is it worth the money for the average person?  Probably not, but it has plenty of uses for serious athletes and trainers.

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Hypervest Cool, 9.0 out of 10 based on 1 rating

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