Harbringer Big Grip Non-Slip Lifting Strap Review

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Harbringer Big Grip Non-Slip Lifting Strap Product Description

The Harbringer Big Grip Non-Slip straps are lifting straps made from heavy duty nylon and dura-grip rubber.  Lifting straps can be used for a wide variety of exercises including cleans, snatches, deadlifts, high pulls, and other pulls.  I’ve even heard of people using them for squats, pulldowns, and jerks although I do not recommend it.  Additionally, these lifting straps are designed so they do not fray and will last quite awhile.


  • Depending on use, could be comfortable
  • Strong material
  • Straps stick to bar


  • Designed by the marketing department
  • Cotton is better
  • Digs into wrist

The plus’s for these Harbringer non-slip straps are that they are very durable.  Think of a car seat belt and that is similar to the material that are used on these.  You are not likely to break them while lifting.  That comes at a price.  Since the material is so strong and durable it will dig into your wrists.  If you’re doing heavy weights (over 315), these probably are not the right straps for you.  If you’re using straps for exercises like pull ups/pull downs then I see no problem is using these.

The non-slip attribute is nice and is effective.  The bar does stick to the straps and will provide added grip strength.  The key is to wrap the Harbringer straps in a spiral motion as opposed to wrapping it around itself.

Who should purchase the Harbringer Big Grip Non-Slip Lifting Straps?  

If you’re looking to use straps for exercises that typically do not use straps, then these will be a long-lasting perfect strap for you.  However, for olympic lifts where straps are typically used, like cleans, snatches, and high pull, I do not recommend these straps.  You are better off using normal Harbringer cotton straps.

These lifting strap seemed to have been designed more by the marketing team; they are designed for the average person.  For recommending these straps, it really depends on who you are.  If you are an average person who recreationally lifts and you are not sniffing anywhere near 300+ lbs on olympic lifts, then these straps will work well for you.  If you are a gym rat throwing around 3-400 lbs then look elsewhere; these will not be comfortable for you.

It is probably your best bet to stick to traditional cotton straps, but if you think these straps are right for you then check them out at Amazon below.

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Harbringer Big Grip Non-Slip Lifting Strap Review, 5.0 out of 10 based on 1 rating

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