Rogue Do Win 2012 Weightlifting Shoes

The Rogue 2012 weightlifting shoes, called the Rogue Do Win, are shoes designed specifically for olympic weightlifting.  These weightlifting shoes will help with stability during lifting and support that you cannot get from your normal tennis shoes.  They’ll also help you prevent injury while lifting due to improper leg stability.  Not only will they help you become more durable, but they are durable shoes themselves and should last several years assuming you take proper care of them.

Hypervest Pro

Hypervest Pro Product Description The Hypervest Pro is a weighted vest that is designed to be worn during workouts.  The breathable wicking fabric is flexible enough that it is not awkward to wear while moving and each weight is small enough and individually pocketed so they do not infringe on flexibility. Pro’s Can be worn during activity Flexible / […]

Hypervest Cool

Hypervest Cool Product Description The Hypervest Cool is a pre, post, or during activity vest that can be used to cool down your body temperature.  Hyperwear claims that 75% of your body’s energy is lost during workout in trying to cool the body down and 25% is used for firing muscles.  So their theory is, […]

Harbringer Big Grip Non-Slip Lifting Strap Review

Harbringer Big Grip Non-Slip Lifting Strap Product Description The Harbringer Big Grip Non-Slip straps are lifting straps made from heavy duty nylon and dura-grip rubber.  Lifting straps can be used for a wide variety of exercises including cleans, snatches, deadlifts, high pulls, and other pulls.  I’ve even heard of people using them for squats, pulldowns, […]