Cellucor NO Extreme Product Review

Cellucor N0 N-Zero Extreme Product Description N0 Extreme is a creatine free pre-workout supplement.  Pre-workout supplements come in a variety of forms with different types of stimulants, and types of creatine.  There really isn’t any reason to use this product unless you are against using creatine. Pro’s Increased energy during workout Extreme pumps Increased focus Con’s Do […]

BSN Syntha 6 Protein Supplement Product Review

BSN Syntha 6 Protein Supplement Product Description The BSN Syntha 6 is a protein supplement that contains both fast and slow digesting proteins to promote muscle growth over a longer period of time.  Often bodybuilders will use different types of protein supplements at different times of the day for this same effect; Syntha 6 is designed […]

EAS Myoplex Meal Replacement Product Review

EAS Myoplex Meal Replacement Product Description The EAS Myoplex shake is a nutritional meal replacement shake containing around 300 calories, 19 grams of carbs, and 42 grams of protein.  Meal replacement supplements are a common nutritional supplement in our society as its hard enough to find 3-6 healthy meals per day and you can easily take […]

Shakeology Product Review

Shakeology Product Description Shakeology is a nutritional shake that is marketed as both a protein and meal replacement shake.  Honestly, it is neither but closer to a protein shake.  It does not contain enough calories to be a meal replacement supplement and it does contain 17G of protein but no essentials in helping break down the protein.  Bottom […]

MHP Up your Mass

MHP Up Your Mass Product Description MHP UYM is a mass gainer.  Mass gainers are used to help athletes gain size, muscle, and strength.  They can also be used to help people maintain size during extreme training cycles (i.e. maintain size during football camp).  When athletes are in season, a lot of time they lose muscle because they are […]

Carlson Labs Elite Omega-3 Gems Fish Oil 1250mg Product Review

Carlson Labs Elite Omega-3 Gems Fish Oil Product Description The Carlson Elite Omega 3 Gems are a quality alternative to the expensive Nordic Naturals fish oil.  The downside to the Carlson fish oil is that it is in ethyl ester form and there is some controversy over the effectiveness of ethyl ester versus triglyceride form (Nordic Naturals). Pro’s […]

Cellucor C4 Extreme Product Review

Cellucor C4 Extreme Product Description C4 Extreme is a popular pre-workout supplement.  Pre-workout supplements are used to increase focus, energy, and pump during a workout to increase strength gains and size. Pro’s Increased energy during workout Good taste Minimal crashes Increased focus Con’s Do not take if sensitive to stimulants Speeds up heart-beat Complaints about pump Little […]

Unviersal Nutrition Animal Stak

Unviersal Nutrition Animal Stak Product Description Animal stak is a supplement bundle that comes in 21 different packs containing a variety of pills to be taken to increase muscle size and strength.  Animal Stak contains ingredients that are known to increase testosterone and human growth hormone production.  If you are an athlete who plays sports competitively, […]

Nordic Naturals, Ultimate Omega 1000mg fish oil Product Review

Nordic Naturals Ultimate Omega 1000mg Fish Oil Product Description Nordic Naturals Ultimate Omega fish oil is a quality  supplement.  There are plenty of cheaper fish oil supplements out there, but I can assure you, your 10$ supplement is not doing anything for you.  You’re getting what you pay for. Pro’s Reputable company They’ll tell you where the fish […]

PowerBar Pria Nutritional Bar

Pria Nutritional Bar by PowerBar Product Description The Pria Nutritional Bar is sometimes confused as a protein bar.  Yes, it has 4 grams of soy protein in it, but that is not nearly enough to call it a protein bar, if anything, its an energy snack.  To me, the Pria Bar should be used more as a nutritious […]