PEAR Sports Biofeedback Training System

PEAR Sports Biofeedback Training System Product Description The PEAR is your pocket personal trainer, workout creater, workout tracking log, goal setter, heart rate monitor, watch, calorie calculator, motivator, and music headphones all-in-one.  Essentially, it is designed to do everything for you to help you become more fit and a better runner; the only thing it can’t […]

SKLZ Rick Smith Smash Bag Product Review

SKLZ Rick Smith Smash Bag Product Description The Rick Smith Smash Bag is a golf swing impact training tool.  It allows golfers of all levels to diagnose where their swing problems are at impact.  A revolutionary product in golf as you can easily diagnose backswing and downswing problems through video and other tools like the medicus […]

Trikke T8 Sport 3-Wheeled Carving Scooter Review

Trikke T8 Sport 3-Wheeled Carving Scooter Product Description The Trikke 3-Wheeled Carving Scooter is a hybrid scooter, snowboard, and skiis in one.  The carving scooter moves by the force generated from your body moving side to side, similar to the way that a skii’er gains speed by carving in the snow left and right. Pro’s […]

Kangoo Jumps Product Review

Kangoo Jumps Product Description The Kangoo Jumps are essentially a boot with springs on the bottom of them.  They were initially designed to help people recovering from leg injuries get back into running and on their feet by reducing the amount of impact when landing.  When you land, the spring absorbs the blow and then […]