Rogue Do Win 2012 Weightlifting Shoes

The Rogue 2012 weightlifting shoes, called the Rogue Do Win, are shoes designed specifically for olympic weightlifting.  These weightlifting shoes will help with stability during lifting and support that you cannot get from your normal tennis shoes.  They’ll also help you prevent injury while lifting due to improper leg stability.  Not only will they help you become more durable, but they are durable shoes themselves and should last several years assuming you take proper care of them.

Jack3d Product Review

Jack3d is one of the most popular pre-workout supplements.   It will help you get pumped up before and during your workout and increase your muscle pumps while allowing you to workout harder and longer.  Consequently, assuming you’re eating and supplementing correctly and have a well-balanced workout routine, you’ll see strength gains and size.

Controlled Labs Orange Triad Multivitamin Product Review

Orange Triad is a high-end sports nutrition multivitamin.  Similar to the Anavite vitamins, these are in chelated form which helps them digest so you can get the most out of your multivitamin. Instead of taking the performance route like the Anavite vitamin, Orange Triad goes for the long-term route of including digestion and joint complexes in a multivitamin.

Gaspari Nutrition Anavite Multivitamin Product Review

Anavite is a high-end sports nutrition multivitamin.  The vitamins are in chelated form which helps them digest so you can get the most out of your multivitamin. The carnatine and the beta alanine are the endurance and performance boosters that are contained within Anvite.  Don’t expect them to boost performance like a pre-workout substance or creatine, but nonetheless, they will help.

BSN NO Xplode Product Review

BSN NO Xplode Product Description BSN NO Xplode is a pre-workout supplement designed to give you more energy, better muscle pumps, endurance and increased focus while working out. Pro’s More Energy Muscle Pumps Endurance Improved focus Fat burning substances Creatine substance Nitrix Oxide Con’s Little pricey Drink lots of water Taste is a bit sour N.O. Xplode is […]

Unviersal Nutrition Animal Pak

Unviersal Nutrition Animal Pak Product Description Animal Pak is a sports nutrition supplement pack that will replace your multivitamin; think multivitamin on steroids.  Just dont take the steroid part literally. Pro’s Reputable company since 1983 High quality multi-pill, multivitamin Beat plateaus Fatty Acids, BCAAs, digestive enzymes, amino acids Doubles as mini pre-workout supplement Con’s Little pricey, more for serious […]

BSN Syntha 6 Protein Supplement Product Review

BSN Syntha 6 Protein Supplement Product Description The BSN Syntha 6 is a protein supplement that contains both fast and slow digesting proteins to promote muscle growth over a longer period of time.  Often bodybuilders will use different types of protein supplements at different times of the day for this same effect; Syntha 6 is designed […]

MHP Up your Mass

MHP Up Your Mass Product Description MHP UYM is a mass gainer.  Mass gainers are used to help athletes gain size, muscle, and strength.  They can also be used to help people maintain size during extreme training cycles (i.e. maintain size during football camp).  When athletes are in season, a lot of time they lose muscle because they are […]

Unviersal Nutrition Animal Stak

Unviersal Nutrition Animal Stak Product Description Animal stak is a supplement bundle that comes in 21 different packs containing a variety of pills to be taken to increase muscle size and strength.  Animal Stak contains ingredients that are known to increase testosterone and human growth hormone production.  If you are an athlete who plays sports competitively, […]

Nordic Naturals, Ultimate Omega 1000mg fish oil Product Review

Nordic Naturals Ultimate Omega 1000mg Fish Oil Product Description Nordic Naturals Ultimate Omega fish oil is a quality  supplement.  There are plenty of cheaper fish oil supplements out there, but I can assure you, your 10$ supplement is not doing anything for you.  You’re getting what you pay for. Pro’s Reputable company They’ll tell you where the fish […]