November 2012 Supplement Stack

As of November 2012, this is the supplement stack that I recommend for maximum muscle growth and strength gains. I’ve broken down the price into cost per day so you can get an idea of what you will be putting into your body and how much it is costing you on a daily basis. It is really not all that expensive when you consider how much less food you’ll be eating because you are supplementing instead.

Ideal eating schedule for muscle

The most important aspect to fitness is your eating habits.  How do you establish ideal eating habits?  You need an eating schedule with go-to foods and supplementation. If you look at what you are currently eating, you’ll probably find out you eat almost the same thing every day except for lunch and dinner.  And for me, honestly I usually eat leftover dinner for lunch the next day.

What kind of Indoor Bike Trainer should I get?

I like to do indoor interval training in the morning before work, unfortunately, living in Iowa, biking outside is a bit cold in the winter time. Bike intervals are essential to my weight lifting program, as I need that extra cardio to burn fat and increase blood flow to actually recover faster.  May sound counter intuitive, train more to recover faster, but it is true.  Getting the blood cycled through your muscles and circulating will help your weight lifting gains.

3 Recommended Fitness Programs for 3 Different Fitness Goals

There are so many fitness programs to choose from.  Some are free, some are expensive, some come with dvds, some come with spreadsheet print outs, others are just general guidelines to use.  As of September 18th, 2012, there are 2 full body workout programs that I highly recommend and 1 general guideline that can be customed into […]

The Power Routine

What do you want out of life Develop goals Find ways to measure your goals Make an action plan to accomplish each goal.  Some goals may have several phases. Develop a power routine to carry out your action plan What do you want out of life? Create a list of what you want out of […]

How to Start A Routine

1. Diagnose your typical day 2. What are your productive times of day? 3. What time slots are open? Create habits 4. Cue your habits 5. Measure your habits 6. Reflect on your habits 7. Make tweaks as you go Diagnose your typical day Go through your typical day and be as detailed as possible. […]

Why is Supplementation Important?

Supplementation is the most important aspect of fitness. But, you’re contradicting yourself, in this article (link), you said that diet, workouts, and supplementation were of equal importance to being fit. Right, they are equally important when thinking about fitness as a whole, but proper supplementation is more important because most people A) don’t do it […]

3 Components to a Fit Lifestyle

What’s your body worth ($) to you? So you have high hopes of seeing your abs, running a marathon, or being a healthy, fit, attractive young person. Well, surprisingly, you can do all of that, except for the young part… you can’t get younger but you can feel younger if that makes you feel any […]