BSN The Mass Stack Advanced Product Review

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BSN The Mass Stack Advanced Product Description

Mass Stack Advanced is a stack that BSN offers on their website.  Essentially, it combines their most popular supplements into one mass building stack.


  • High Quality Protein Supplement
  • Meal Replacement / Calories
  • Recommended pre-workout supplement
  • Good after workout creatine



  • Expensive as hell
  • Questionable and expensive testosterone booster
  • No Multivitamin? Fish Oil?
  • Better off purchasing individual products minus a few

The supplements that are included in the Mass Stack Advanced and their individual product ratings are:

  • BSN nitrix – 6/10 useless Creatine / Preworkout / Nitric Oxide
  • BSN Cell Mass 8/10 – Creatine
  • BSN True Mass NA – Mass builder
  • BSN Syntha 6 – 9/10- Protein
  • BSN Axit-HT – NA – Useless / questionable testosterone booster
  • BSN NO Xplode – 9/10 – Creatine, caffeine, and NO preworkout

Nitrix is a creatine, nitric oxide, and caffeine supplement.  It is supposed to be taken 3x a day, although, everything you need from Nitrix, you already get from Cell-Mass and NO Xplode.  So, there is really no reason to purchase Nitrix as well.

Even with Cell Mass and NO Xplode, there is a little crossover of ingredients, but I can handle that since each one is designed to be sold as a stand alone product.  You certiainly wont have any problem getting all the creatine you need.

With BSN True Mass you’ll be getting a quality mass gainer, meal replacement, or simply additional calories to your diet to help you put on size.  Many people will worry about gaining fat with a mass gainer, but don’t.  As long as you are burning enough calories in your workout and eating healthy while spreading calories out throughout the day, you won’t put on bad weight.

Syntha 6 is the main protein supplement in the BSN Mass Stack Advanced.  I like everything about it other than it is a little pricey when sold individually.  Syntha 6 is a high quality protein.

BSN Axit-HT is a questionable and expensive testosterone booster.  I don’t recommend purchasing this as an individual product or in a stack.

NO Xplode is a quality pre-workout supplement that will help with muscle pumps, endurance, and strength gains.  It contains creatine and awareness increasing substances like vitamin B6, B12, taurine, and caffeine.  A 5 hour energy drink on steroids.

One of my problems with this stack is that there is not a multivitamin included?  I can stand the fact that they don’t provide a fish oil, but no multivitamin?  Come on.  GBTB (Get Back To Basics).

Who Should Purchase the BSN Mass Stack Advanced? 

Although, typically a little pricey, I don’t have any problem recommending individual BSN products.  However, I cannot sit here and consciously recommend a stack that is sucking every dollar out of your pocket.

Absolutely do not purchase this stack from BSN’s website.  Instead, purchase individual BSN products or some other brands and make your own stack.  If you want to stack BSN products, I like a stack that includes NO Xplode, Cell-Mass, True Mass, and Snytha 6 with a quality multivitamin… maybe Animal Pak from Universal Nutriton?

With this stack, BSN is simply taking advantage of peoples’ lack of research and their urge to want to use the most expensive stack, because thats obviously the best, right?

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BSN The Mass Stack Advanced Product Review, 7.0 out of 10 based on 1 rating

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