BSN Nitrix Product Review

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BSN Nitrix Product Description

BSN Nitrix is essentially a pre-workout, creatine, and nitric oxide pill that you take 3x per day; morning, lunch, and evening.


  • Blood flow to muscles
  • Creatine substances
  • Muscle Pump
  • Faster Recovery


  • Little pricey
  • Effectiveness?
  • 3x pills 3x per day
  • More pills if over 200lbs

Nitrix helps increase the blood flow to muscles to help increase your muscle pump throughout the day.  The muscle pump being the same sort of feeling that you get after doing a few set of curls.

BSN Nitrix contains creatine substances as well as caffeine.  The Creatine formulas help to get water into the muscles which also help your nitric oxide pump.  Like most creatine products, you’ll also see see faster recovery times which will help you with strength gains in the weight room.

With the pre-workout substances, you’ll see some increased energy in the weight room and endurance, but not as substantial as a pure pre-workout substance.

There are a few problems with Nitrix; it is kind of a stand-alone product.  If you are taking a pre-workout supplement and a creatine supplement, there is really no reason to purchase Nitrix, unless you just want to feel pumped all the time.

Also, it is kind of annoying having to take 3 pills 3x per day 45 minutes before meals or 2 hours after meals.  Nitrix can be a nuissance to your diet and supplement routine.  If you take it after eating or too close to eating, you’ll essentially be wasting them.

Who Should Purchase BSN Nitrix? 

I find a hard time recommending BSN Nitrix.  I suppose if you just wanted to feel a pump or if you dont want to take a creatine in powder form, then BSN Nitrix might have a purpose.  Other than that, there is really no reason to purchase Nitrix.  It is just another way to cross-sell their creatine blends and pre-workout blends.

If you want a pre-workout substance, you can take BSN’s N.O. Xplode and you can fulfill the creatine with the BSN Cell Mass.  There isn’t really anything substantial that Nitrix provides in addition to these two products.

BSN Nitrix is fairly expensive at over 30$ per 180 tablets.  Not to mention, if you’re over 200lbs then they recommend you take 4 pills insted of the usual 3, thus lowering the serving per container.

If you’re looking to purchase Nitrix, I would first pursue other options unless you just absolutely want your creatine in pill form.

BSN Nitrix Product Review, 6.0 out of 10 based on 1 rating

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  1. Just do me a favor and keep wtriing such trenchant analyses, OK?

  2. Yeah you can take creatine and prioetn at the same time, (you should always be taking prioetn).Creatine is considered by many to be the top muscle building supplement. Anything stronger is illegal and has to be injected I’m afraid.Have you tried a creatine cycle for a muscle volume effect? If not go of creatine for a few weeks then use the following protocol:Week 1 10 grams (per day)Week 2 20 gramsWeek 3 30 gramsWeek 4 40 gramsWeek 5 40 gramsWeek 6 30 gramsWeek 7 20 gramsWeek 8 10 grams

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