BSN Cell Mass Product Review

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BSN Cell Mass Product Description

BSN Cell Mass is an after-workout creatine supplement designed to replenish your ATP stores and promote muscle growth and recovery after a hard workout.


  • Builds muscle
  • Faster Recovery
  • Strength gains
  • 4 creatine substances
  • May help reduce effects of overtraining


  • Little pricey
  • Effectiveness?
  • Drink lots of water

Cell Mass contains different creatine substances and transporters that have different effects and combine them into one product.  The Sodium Creatine Phosphate Matrix is designed to enlarge cells and increase creatine uptake, with the idea that the more creatine you get into your muscles, the better.

The Creatine Ethyl Ester is designed to increase water and lipid solubility.  Creatino-O-Phosphate-Malic Acid Interfusion is for cardiovascular function including oxygen availability, endurance, and work capacity; essentially increasing the amount of repetitions you can perofrm.

Creatine AAB also helps support muscle absorption.  BSN Cell Mass also contains a few other absorption and max effect ingredients like cinnulin-PF, Glutamine AKG, and DI-calcium, sodium, and posstassium phosphates.

What can you expect from BSN Cell Mass?  Consumers experience faster muscle recovery after workouts, strength gains due to the faster recovery, and essentially muscle growth.  The idea behind the creatine blend is that it helps you train harder than you normally could train and Cell Mass helps reduce the effects of overtraining.

Normally, if you overtrain, you’ll either plateau or actually see a decrease in strength because your muscles have not fully recovered.

Who Should Purchase BSN Cell Mass? 

I recommend Cell Mass only to advanced lifters and athletic trainees.  My reasoning is that most people do not train hard enough to see the benefits of creatine.  America’s fitness problems are from laziness and diet, not overtraining.

If you are looking for strength gains or  increased times you may benefit from BSN Cell Mass.  If you go to the gym to do 30 minutes on the treadmill and a few curls, you will not benefit.  My suggestions are to first look at your workout routine and workout consistency.  Then, look at your diet and then basic supplementation, like multivitamins and protein supplements. If you can’t find improvements there, then you can look to creatine products.

If you’re serious in the gym and serious in the other areas of fitness, then BSN Cell Mass is a decent product and worth a shot.

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BSN Cell Mass Product Review, 9.0 out of 10 based on 1 rating

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  1. you need to drink lots and lots of water. id say 8-10 glasses or even more. if your gnitteg strength and power its all mental gains. (since your thinking, OH this is creatine this has to make me stronger, so your brain thinks its active and starts working harder to motivate your muscles) also you should take it id say before and after a workout? and mostly on workout days. idk what loading phase is but you should be working out every other day ( monday, wednesday, friday or tuesday thursday and saturday ) the reason for this is so your muscle recovers giving it a chance to get bigger after the recovery

    • Howie You, your business, and this wetibse are absolutely TOP NOTCH. I am continually impressed with each and everything you do towards achieving your goals and helping other reach theirs. Great job to The Best Fitness Trainer around! ~The One Body Girl.

  2. Miguel / Hi Josh, im from Argentina, is there a substitute or smohteing you can recommend to use instead of recovery and protein, we dont get any of those stuff here unless we pay 5 times it cost within US. Please, as Nestor asked you from Europe, would be nice to receive help from you despite we are not from US, that shouldnt be a barrier since the goal here besides having proofits is to actually help, right? thanks in advance

  3. MattK / I just got another tub of the revocery drink today in the mail. I can attest, this is the best suppliment I use. I am rarely sore the next day after taking this and it actually tastes good. This is a must have when you’re doing exteme workouts like P90X. For those with a tight budget, I stretch my servings by only taking one scoop on easier cardio days like Kenpo and yoga, and take two full scoops on Plyo and resistance days. This really stretches out the servings to last longer and makes it more affordable.

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