Bosu Ballast Ball Review

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Bosu Ballast Stability Ball Product Description

The Bosu Ballast Ball is a stability ball that is designed for use with several fitness moves.  You can do traditional moves, like a chest press with dumbelles while laying on the Bosu Ball; you can also do things like push ups with your feet on the Bosu Ball or Push ups with your hands on the Bosu Ball.  The limitations of the Bosu Ballast Stability Ball are limitless


  • Core Engaging
  • Useful for numerous exercises
  • Perform traditional exercises non-traditonally
  • Add balance to moves
  • Won’t roll away


  • Weight in ball makes balancing easier
  • Expensive, off-brand models are similar and cheaper
  • Annoying to inflate and deflate

Why would you want the Bosu Ballast Stability Ball? 

Well it is a good tool for adding functional core strength to your workout; it is perfect for adding variations to different exercises.  Let’s say are doing a chest / back workout that includes a lot of push ups and different back exercises. 

With the Bosu Ball, you can add stability ball burpees, balance push ups with your feet on the ball, balance push ups with your hands on the ball, balance push ups with your feet on a chair and your hands on the ball, dumbbell chest presses, alternating one-arm chest presses, one leg on ball push ups, back extensions with abdomen on ball, balance seated press, and the list goes on. 

The Bosu Ball is great for your core muscles because it adds balance to your exercises.  How do you get better balance?  You strengthen your core.  How do you strengthen your core?  One way, you include balance in your workouts.

One thing we included as both a positive and a negative is that the balance ball won’t move away when you are working out.  Because of the weight inside, the 2.5 lbs, the ball is more stable than some of the other stability balls on the market.  That can be both a good thing and a bad thing.

If you’re in a crowded space, like a boot camp workout, you don’t want your ball rolling away.  If you’re at home in the living room, it doesn’t really matter if the ball rolls away 3 feet while you do another exercise.  With the added weight, the ball is more stable therefore making it easier to keep the ball stable while performing exercises and thus taking away some of the necessary core strength.  Unless you’re really hardcore about getting the most out of your workouts, the minimal loss of core strength should not be an issue.  Nonetheless, we included it in order to cover all aspects.

Who should purchase the Bosu Ballast Stability Ball?


Although a little pricey, the Bosu Ball is a nice addition to an established at-home gym.  If you already go to a gym and they don’t have bosu balls, then you should recommend them.  However, I would not purchase my own and take it to and from the gym as it is a pain to blow up and deflate; it is not designed for transport.  This is also applies to home gym owners.  If you can’t keep it out and don’t have storage space in your home gym for the Bosu Ball then you wont like it because of the time to inflate/deflate.

My recommendation?  The added core benefits are worth it.  Keep the Bosu Ballast Ball blown up at all times, get rid of your computer chair, and store it at your computer desk when it is not in use.

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Bosu Ballast Ball Review, 10.0 out of 10 based on 1 rating

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