Beachbody’s P90X2 Workout Review

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P90x2 with Tony Horton Product Description

:  P90x is a well-rounded fitness program including all aspects of fitness.  P90x2 is a revised version of P90x with added moves, stetches, warm ups, cool down, and more advanced moves combining multiple P90x moves into one exercise (ex. one legged, warrior 3 curls / half chair swimmers press).  The P90x2 fitness program includes strength training, core strength and static training, performance stretching, cardio, plyometrics, yoga.


  • Even more complete fitness program than P90X
  • Push play and bring some motivation and you will get fit
  • Nutrition program included
  • Scales workout to most fitness levels (explained below)
  • Even more variations than P90x
  • Convenience, order everything you need for P90x2 from the Amazon store below
  • Longer warm up and cool down / shorter more intense workout


  • More equipment than p90x
  • Expensive with all the equipment
  • More advanced moves than P90x
  • Time intensive and dedication required
  • Lost all creativity in phase 3???

The first phase of P90x2 is designed to strengthen your core and build a base to work from so you can prepare for strength gains.  Phase 2 is more lifting, very similar to the original P90x phase 1-3.  Then in phase 3, it is supposed to be designed for “performance”.

In my opinion, they seem to have lost all creativity in phase 3.  All the other phases involve several moves and different types of workouts.  In phase 3, you do 2 workouts twice a week and yoga and the 2 workouts consist of doing 4 different moves for 3 sets.  Granted, its still a good workout because they are all max rep exercises, but I just didnt feel like the creativity in phase 3 lived up to the hype. The 12 DVD’s are:

  • X2 Core
  • Plyocide
  • X2 Recovery + Mobility
  • X2 Total Body
  • X2 Yoga
  • X2 Balance + Power
  • Chest + Back + Balance
  • X2 Shoulders + Arms
  • Base + Back
  • P.A.P. Lower
  • P.A.P. Upper
  • X2 Ab Ripper

Again, like P90x, the P90x2 workouts range from about 1:00 to 1:30.  Because of the length of the workouts and the complexity of the muscle confusion, if you follow the nutrition guide and keep pushing play, you can expect to lose weight and gain muscle mass.  In my first cycle of P90x2, I went from 229 lbs down to 208 lbs in the first 8 weeks by sticking to the workouts and the nutrition guide.

Who should purchase P90X2?

Just like P90x, for P90x2 I would recommend the program to anyone that is fairly fit and active.  With the complexity of some of the moves in X2, I would recommend the original to beginners.  P90x2 builds off of the original and is more advanced.  That being said, there are definitely portions of X2 that would be great additions to any workout program, for example, the foam rolling.

Like p90x one of the con’s to P90X2 is that purchasing additional equipment is recommended.  Expect to spend additional money adding equipment to your workout room. Luckily for me, I already had most equipment from doing the original P90x workout program.  Again, I highly recommend buying the equipment from Amazon as opposed to Beachbody as the prices are much cheaper and you’ll save yourself some coin.

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Beachbody's P90X2 Workout Review, 10.0 out of 10 based on 1 rating

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