3 Components to a Fit Lifestyle

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What’s your body worth ($) to you?
So you have high hopes of seeing your abs, running a marathon, or being a healthy, fit, attractive young person. Well, surprisingly, you can do all of that, except for the young part… you can’t get younger but you can feel younger if that makes you feel any better. So how do you do it?

There are 3 components to being fit, getting fit, and staying fit. Every athlete or “fit guru” uses these 3 components and makes them a key part of the daily routine. The three components to a healthy lifestyle are not magic and they are not anything new. I will tell you now, for most people, being fit costs time and money.

If I asked you, would it be worth it to you to spend an extra $100 per month and 12 hours a month to be fit? 90% of you would say yes. So what is holding you back? Do it already. The 3 components to being fit are:

1. Workout Routine (33.3333% importance to being fit) – Have a workout routine that you stick to is important to being fit. The body breaks down muscles and when it repairs the muscle, it comes back stronger; its that adaptability that allows you to become stronger, faster, or more toned over time. But, if you’re looking to show those abs off, then your workout routine is essentially useless without components 2 and 3. We’ve all seen those awesome athletes that don’t “look fit”, well thats because they don’t incorporate the three components of fitness (ex. American Football offensive lineman, amazing athletes but not always the poster child for fitness-they’re going for size and athleticism, not looks).

Your routine might be as simple as lifting 2-3x week and running 2-3x week, or following a workout program like P90x2, or it could be something that looks nothing like a workout routine; playing basketball on Mondays, weight-lifting on Tuesdays, tennis on Wednesdays, playing an exergame on Thursday, rock climbing on Friday, going to a Saturday morning workout class, and ending the week with mountain biking on Sundays. Fitness sound fun yet?

My recommendations are to find a workout routine that fits you, what do you like to do? Incorporate that into your routine, you’re not going to be a marathon runner if you don’t like to run, but maybe you like to play pick up or organized basketball instead? Instead of fighting your willpower on the treadmill for an hour, go play basketball at the YMCA for an hour or join a basketball league. Or try something like the Kangoo Jumps to spice up your running routine; they’re kind of fun hopping around the trail. Spend extra money on the things that are fun for you, don’t make working out so boring or you’ll never keep a long-term routine unless you have the willpower of an olympic athlete. Another fun one is to try exergames like the Wii Fit Plus or the classic Dance Dance Revolution. Try reading, listening to music, or audiobooks while biking or jogging. Do things you enjoy while getting fit. Bottom line, try to limit the amount of workouts that take grueling willpower to get through, not necessarily get rid of these workouts completely, but limit them and you’ll be able to keep a routine much easier.

2. Eat Healthy (33.3333% importance to being fit) – You’ve heard it before. You have to eat healthy. In most cases, your abs don’t show because of the layer of fat over top of them, not because you have weak, undefined abs. You need to be eating vegetables, fruit, nuts, lean meats, and whole grain carbs. There are plenty of diets you can incorporate into your daily routine to help you lose weight and become healthier and if you look deep into them, most of them are very similar with a few tweaks here and there.

I typically like to promote a diet contaning lots of veggies for the fiber and nutrients, daily-but minimal fruit (1-2pcs per day), high amounts of lean protein (fish, 90+% red meats, chicken, turkey, lean pork cuts), minimal and low fat content dairy (1% cottage cheese, skim milk, etc.), and low amounts of carbohydrates coming from whole grain sources (whole wheat bread vs white bread). Find a diet you like and follow it the best you can. You don’t have to go crazy and do it 100% and give up every food you like. But you should definitely have some food guidelines. There are even some good eating programs that will outline every meal of the week for you, or the nutrisystem route that actually provides every meal for you. Again, in terms of money, what is your fitness worth to you? What would you pay to be fit and have it be convenient?

3. Supplements (33.3333% importance to being fit) – This one is perhaps the most important component to being fit. Mostly because people seem to forget about it or because they don’t want to pay for it. Most would rather spend the $30 per month spent on a vitamin on food. For some reason, people have no problem buying $30 of food to get the nutrients they need, but when it comes to taking a multivitamin or protein supplement, then the product is overpriced. I beg you, at the minimum, to start taking a multivitamin and a protein supplement daily; you’ll see the benefits and it is money well-spent.

The bottom line is, not many of us can keep up with the time involved with preparing a diet to get all of the nutrients that our body needs. So, how do we solve the problem? We supplement our diet with additional protein (1-2 protein shakes per day) and we add a multivitamin to cover the essentials. Vitamins and protein supplements are condensed versions of well-balanced diets. They help ensure you get all of the nutrients you need without having to buy hard-to-find foods or buying 16oz quantities of exotic foods when you only need 1 tbsp and end up being very expensive and throwing out 14oz of it. Use supplements, nuff said.

The moral of the story? What price tag do you put on your fitness? Don’t forget about the money you will be saving down the line on medical expenses, beauty products, and expensive clothes to try and make yourself look better. Come up with a number that you are willing to pay monthly for your healthy and body and then add it into your budget. Buy products, supplements, gym passes, fit games, a bike, or whatever you need to help you become fit. If you’re looking for suggestions then read through our product reviews, a good place to start is the Get Fit Hot List.

What’s your body worth to you?

3 Components to a Fit Lifestyle, 10.0 out of 10 based on 1 rating

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